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From: aaron hernan
Subject: Hakim and His DadEver since football practice started in July russian naked boys I had thought Hakim was the
greatest looking guy at Mission High, but he'd never even talked to me. He
had big and pillowy lips, deep chocolate skin, beefy and thick thighs, and
the biggest pair of muscled pecs on a guy I'd ever seen. What was really
amazing about this guy was his hair. He kept his head shaved, but he kept a
full beard and had a lot of chest hair. I mean, the guy was only 17! Not
that I spent much time looking at him. Naw, I had a girlfriend with big
ole tits and another girl from the Catholic russian anal sex school who used to suck my
cock, but I admit I always liked a well-built guy, especially if he was
African-American. Truth is, I couldn't keep my eyes off this 6'3" 205#
package of manmeat in the locker room after practice.I guess I should fill you in on myself. I'm 5'11", weigh 175, and am pretty
proud of my physique myself. I have blue eyes and black hair, a smooth,
well-developed chest and defined arms and shoulders. But my lower body is
what turns heads. I work hard to keep my legs strong, and yet it's my ass
that separates me from the other white guys. Even as a 10-year-old I
remember my dad saying how big my butt was to the tailor one day when russian anal fucking I was
getting for a suit down at Macy's. I do squats every day, just to keep
things tight. Mission is right near the gay part of town, so I was always
getting lots of looks. Once in a while when I was stressed I'd even get on
the Muni-Metro just to let all the guys grab my ass.Hakim plays defense and I'm quarterback and so I didn't believe it when he
called last russian anal sex Monday. "Yo, Aaron, it's Hakim McHugh. Look," he says, "my
dad's riding my ass free underground russian sex `bout Spanish, so you wanna hook me up?"What the fuck? I'm thinking, picturing his 8-pack abs. Then, like a fucking
genius, I remember my Spanish teacher had put my name out for
tutoring. "Oh, you mean tutoring! Oh, yeah," I says, " When you russian kids naked boy
wanna do
this?"So then he's like, "I russian porn 16 age live at 262 Palou, so get your bubble azz up here by
8:00, aiight.""Okay," I say, "whatever," and I hang up. Yeah, right "whatever," I'm
thinking. More like, whatevathefuckuwant, Hakim!Right away, I jump in the shower and I start thinking about what he said
about my bubble azz. Was he thinking what I was thinking? So I start
thinking about his creamy cocoa eyes and hella big arms and I get this
raging hard-on biggest russian tits galleries and pretty soon I got my soaped up finger halfway up my
ass. Hmmm, I'd never done that before, but it felt pretty sweet. As beautiful women russian soon as
I'm dried off, though, the phone rings and it's Sarah, the girl who thinks
I'm her boyfriend. Stupid female just won't get a clue; I mean, I let her
suck my dick sometimes and she thinks she owns me. I russian lollipop nude was supposed to pick
her up 45 minutes ago, so I make up some bullshit excuse, tell her never to
call me again, and, throw on my white spandex shorts that are way too tight
and my white t-shirt.I get on russian brides marriage the bus and it's hot and it's rush hour. Sure enough, all eyes on
the bus are all over me, men and women. The bus is packed and I end up
standing in the back which is fine russian kiddie porno
with me. There's this latino guy I
recognize on the other side of the bus who's eyeing me. I noticed him
because he always wears these loose pants and once when I was standing over
him I noticed he was looking at me and grabbing his balls. He's
twenty-five or so, balding, and sexy as hell. Usually he's with his wife and
daughter, but I see he's alone today. Soon enough, he starts playing with
his dick through his jeans. Fuck, I'm thinking, I don't need an engraved
invite so I go over and stand in front of his seat. Within ten seconds, I'm
not lying, Carlos - I just think of russian daughter sex him as Carlos, I could give a fuck what
his name is - has his hand all over my ass. I didn't expect it so quick, so
I let out this grunt and the woman in front of me turns around and it's
Carlos' wife and daughter. Damn, this guy has balls. Meanwhile, the guy's
been moaning and rubbing my legs and reaching around to my balls. All of a
sudden I was really happy that I'd worn not only these easy-access shorts
but an extra-long t-shirt because I feel a draft up the crack of my ass.
This crazy Mexican sonofabitch has my shorts almost all the nymphs russian girls nude way down to
mid-thigh! Next, I hear him suck his finger and he starts russian brides marriage sticking his
finger up in me. Damn, this guy knows what he was doing! Suddenly, I notice
his wife gets up and grabs the little girl's hand and turns around.
Obviously this is their stop, and my man doesn't even pull his finger out;
in Spanish, he makes up some excuse about needing cigarettes down the
street. Lucky for us he's got this old sleeping couple next us so we're
practically alone. I notice he's got his dick out and he's jacking off and
within a couple minutes he pulls his finger out and I feel some of his cum
hit my ass. Then, I hear him zip up and he's out the door.I'm still moist in the ass and in complete disbelief as get off the bus at
the next stop. I'm gonna practically live on the 15-Geneva from now on. It
had been two years, when Father Putnam got transferred from St. Vincent's,
since my ass had gotten that kind of attention. Thank beautiful women russian
God I'm wearing the
long t-shirt otherwise everyone on the still-full Pretty cute russian girls bus would see my hardon
going down my leg and know. (Probably, they already knew; everyone's so
blase in the city about man-on-man sex.) It was only a three block walk
up a hill, so my dick hadn't gotten soft by the time I got to Hakim's.As soon as the door opens I get a whiff of weed and I see this stud is
wearing a pair of shorts and nothing else. "Dayum, boyeee," he yells loud
enough for the neighbors to hear, "howmi s'posed to study when you all like
that?" Shit, I think, maybe these shorts were a mistake. But then he
gently grabbed my shoulders and turned me around. He let out a low whistle,
and murmurred,"Mmm, mmm, mmm!""Shut up buddy," I respond, "look how you're dressed! Besides, do you
usually smoke while you study.""Here," he said as he passed me the joint, "let a brother see how good you
can suck, with this blunt."When I took three hits, I smiled and laughed and said, "I been known to
suck on things much bigger, Hakim, my man."He started laughing and ordered, "Get your pretty white booty in the
kitchen, grab a coupla beers, and meet me up in the master bedroom."In twenty seconds I sexy yong girlies russian had my shirt off and walked in the big rooms with two
opened bottles of beer. "Eric," he ordered authoritatively, "get face down
on my daddy's bed." He biggest russian tits galleries had taken his shorts off and Hakim had me so horny
and wet that I didn't give a fuck whether he didn't know my name. In no
time I was face down, pumping my dick into the shorts, waiting for the
onslaught. Once I was face down, he started another of his deep down belly
laughs. "You ain't nuthin' but a cheap Third Street crack ho'!"Right away, I feel his big smooth fingers on my ass and I hear, "Yo, yo,
yo, yo, yo! Who cream is this on your azz, white boy?!"I laughed and told him about the bus and he laughed too, saying, "See what
I mean about ho', ho'" I didn't care what he said as long as he got those
shorts down."Just shut up, Hakim," I said, "and get me naked!""Whack!" I'd never been hit so hard. "You my bitch and Ima do witchu
whatevada fuck I want!" he said as he took a swig of his beer."Yessir," was all I could whimper.He pulled my shorts of and took a couple licks of my asscheeks. "Ooooo,
baby, you are sweeter'n vanilla ice cream." With that he russian anal fucking grabbed a beer and
poured a good cup on my ass and began licking away. His hot tongue felt so
sweet and by his beautiful women russian groans he was enjoying as much. I lost track of time but
fifteen minutes must have passed.Presently, Hakim stopped licking me up and yelled, "Daddy!" At that I
looked up and saw the finest 30- something year old standing at the door
jacking a dick the size of a baseball bat."Get ova here, white boy! You got a mad pretty mouth."I hoped you like my first shot at a story! Let me know!
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